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The Consumer Helpline is shortlised for 3 awards at Welsh Contact Centre Awards 2020!

The Consumer Helpline has been shortlisted and is a finalist for 3 categories at the Welsh Contact Centre awards for 2020. This is the 2nd year in a

The Consumer Helpline Partner with Bristol Energy

In January 2020 The Consumer Helpline partnered with Bristol Energy. Bristol Energy is a municipally owned energy company founded in 2015 by Bristol

Coach With Success at The Consumer Helpline

Congratulations to Simon Williams, Jess Hale and Callum Guy for being the first to complete our 3 session ‘Coach with Success’ programme.

Sales Roles Up For Grabs At The Consumer Helpline

This summer The Consumer Helpline is looking to grow it’s sales team to 150 sales agents across 3 sales campaigns. The Outsourcing centre

The myths of energy switching

At The Consumer Helpline we talk to hundreds of people a day about energy switching and have heard dozens of reasons why people haven’t switched

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