The myths of energy switching

At The Consumer Helpline we talk to hundreds of people a day about energy switching and have heard dozens of reasons why people haven’t switched their suppliers. Here’s a few of the most common with the answers you need to read

1.“It’s too much like hard work”

Quite simply the most common reason we hear and yet nothing more could be further from the truth. Just enter you postcode, tell us your current usage and how you want to pay and in around 30 seconds you’ll be viewing our best available tariffs. See one you like? Just click to switch and that’s it, your new suppler will handle the switch and keep you informed throughout the process. You don’t even need to tell your old supplier you are switching!

2.“My supply will be disrupted”

One of the most common misconceptions we hear is that homeowners won’t switch energy suppliers because they will have to go without power. This is completely wrong, when you switch supplier there won’t be any change to the energy that you receive, no interruption to your supply, and nobody needs to install anything. The only changes is the company name on the bill and the amount you’ll pay

3.“Switching sites charge me commission”

When we say our site is free to use, we mean it, use it to browse prices, read the blogs or switch your supplier. We pride ourselves on saving you money and will never charge you a fee or commission for using our service.

4.“All suppliers are the same”

The UK energy market has changed considerably and we no longer have to accept the energy prices charged by the big companies like British Gas and Npower. There are now dozens of smaller energy companies offering great prices and outstanding customer service such as Octopus and Ovo. In addition to a range of prices you can also select on factors such as green energy tariffs and online only accounts; the choice really is yours to make and the savings can be substantial.

5.“I don’t trust price comparison sites”

Due to the large numbers of tariffs available on comparison sites like ours people can be under the impression that they are nothing more than marketing websites, whereas in fact a comparison website is just a really quick way of finding the latest tariffs from a number of suppliers leaving you in complete control over what you choose.

6.“I rent my property so I can’t switch”

If you pay the bills on your rented property then you can switch, it’s that simple.

7.“If I stick with my supplier they’ll reward me for loyalty”

Loyalty definitely doesn’t pay in energy. Although energy companies can use cheap rates to attract new customers, millions end stuck on costly standard variable tariffs (SVTs) if they don’t switch after their introductory deal ends.

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