Looking for a trusted outsourcing partner?

The Consumer Helpline Ltd. is a 140 seat outsourcing centre based in Swansea City Centre. The directors and management team combine many decades of experience in sales and marketing to provide bespoke and target driven sales and customer service campaigns for a variety of high profile clients, with a particular focus on the utilities market.

As the result of the recent closure of a campaign, we currently have around 20-30 seats available in our contact centre to allocate to the development of a new sales or customer service campaign. The Consumer Helpline is currently actively looking to begin discussions now with interested parties with a view to launching early in 2019. We are looking for any opportunity to diversify our product range that fits into the company’s ethos and remit of assisting consumers in saving money or getting better value. Therefore, we would welcome enquiries from other industries outside of the utilities market.

If you are looking to outsource to a trusted and proven partner with:

  • A great track record for getting results;
  • Renowned for high standards of quality in highly regulated and compliant industries;
  • A highly experienced infrastructure of managers, support and sales staff;
  • An ethical human touch when interacting with customers, then please get in touch today.

To date we have worked with or currently working with partners such as

  • Spark Energy
  • Octopus Energy
  • Easy R & D
  • ESB Energy
  • Toto Energy
  • Economy Energy
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